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The lineup for Pressure Point is filled with some of Portland`s finest musicians and singers. Here is a little background on each band member.

KEYBOARDS: Matthew Lotz

Matt's great keyboard playing along with his overall musicality, provides the crowning touch that helps make Pressure Point the most sought after "variety" band in the Portland area. Matthew performed with another well known Portland "variety" band, Night Flight for nearly ten years as well as being in demand for solo piano and Jazz work. Matthew is also the musical director for his church.


The ubiquitous Dan Schauffler has played with so many well known local acts you would think he must be a clone. The Crazy Eights, Nu Shooze, Cal Scott, Lily Wilde, Gino Vanelli, and Johnny Limbo are but a few of the bands that have benefited from Dan's great playing. Dan also possesses a spontaneous sense of humor that helps to keep things upbeat and fun.

DRUMS/ VOCALS: Jeff Frankel

Hailing from NY, Jeff Frankel started his musical journey playing drums at a young age in his father’s various bands that performed in New York and surrounding areas. His early work there set him on path to perform many different styles. This education also showed him what being a professional musician is all about! Jeff migrated to the West Coast and performed with many of the Bay Area’s brightest upcoming musicians. Upon moving to the Portland area, Jeff quickly established himself as one of the most versatile drummers in town. He led the very popular Metro band for a number of years and after wards became Smooth Jazz icon, Tom Grant’s drummer in his band. Jeff also performs with the award winning R&B band, Fenix Rising. There are a handful of drummers up to the task of playing virtually, “everything” and Jeff Frankel is one of those guys!


It might be easier to describe what Chuck hasn't done than to list his credentials. Chuck has played with several of the area's favorite bands such as Design, Freeway and Two Much. Chuck is a first call guitarist for session work and when other bands need a sub. Chuck is one of the most versatile players anywhere, His style ranges from subtle acoustic, classical to nail you to the wall rock n' roll. Chuck spent two years performing in Hawaii and has toured the mainland with various club bands. He is a powerful singer with a wide range of expression. The consummate professional.


Michael, the founder of Pressure Point is a solid bass player and exceptional singer. A strong front person with an engaging personality, Michael is a master at setting the pace for Pressure Point to create the desired party atmosphere. He has done commercial work and has worked extensively as a DJ and emcee. A very versatile performer!

Pressure Point is so happy to welcome vocalist extrordinaire to our band! Marilyn T. Keller, 2016 Jazz Society of Oregon Hall of Fame Inductee, brings a special magic to the stage with her charming presence and flawless vocal stylings. Her musical roots are diverse. She joined Black Swan Classic Jazz Band in 1997, quickly establishing a loyal following in the Dixieland and Ragtime scene. She has also remained active in a wide variety of other performance ensembles and styles: The Don Latarski Group, Darrell Grant, Thara Memory, Tall Jazz, Tom Grant, Michael Allen Harrison, Disciples in Song, and the Augustana Jazz Quartet to name a few. Marilyn is very versatile and brings her warmth, presence and sincerity to any gender she is called to perform. Marilyn's formative jazz training was as a member of the Mt. Hood Community College Vocal Jazz Ensemble and as the vocalist fronting the award-winning MHCC Jazz Lab Band. She is featured at the Jazz Worship Service at Augustana Lutheran Church every Sunday and can be seen frequently at restaurants, clubs, festivals and holiday events throughout the Pacific Northwest. Marilyn's versatility extends to the recording studio and she has contributed her talents to various original CDs, albums, demos and commercials.

Lynn is a multi talented performer as a vocalist, horn player and dancer. Presently gives private dance instruction at her studio in SE Portland and with her husband hosts a popular Tuesday Night Salsa class at Vie de Boheme in SE Portland.


*The band is also available as a Quintet.


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