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Below are some additional services that the Pressure Point Band can provide you for your event.



Wedding ceremony music


Interested in having a microphone and live or pre-recorded music at your ceremony? If yes, the Pressure Point Band has several options for you. Most weddings that have more than 100 guests will at least need a microphone and sound system for the officiant and other speakers; otherwise guests may not be able to hear what is said during the ceremony. Also, most ceremonies have music, live or pre-recorded. The Pressure Point Band can provide all this for you easily and at significant cost savings since it is a simple upgrade to your booking of the Pressure Point Band for your reception. Options you might want to consider are:


  • Sound system with microphone(s) and pre-recorded music
  • Sound system with microphone(s) and live solo piano
  • Sound system with microphone(s) and live solo classical guitar Audio Sample
  • Sound system with microphone(s) and live piano + live flute Audio Sample
  • Sound system with microphone(s) and live classical guitar + live flute
  • Sound system with microphone(s) and any live combination + vocal Audio Sample

Gift CDs


It has been brought to our attention that many of our clients want unique or personalized items to give as gifts to their guests for weddings and company events. Quite a few of our past clients have purchased copies of Michael Winkle’s CD “This Dance” for that purpose. Michael is the leader of the Pressure Point Band and the CD is a compilation of timeless standards and original music that has a broad appeal and has garnered rave reviews from jazz radio station KMHD and regional jazz reviewer, George Fendel. This is a fairly inexpensive gift that will last a lifetime and always bring back memories of your wonderful event.


Please ask about a bulk purchase price and visit the website www.michaelwinkle.com for audio samples and more information about the artist and the CD.
Video slide shows


They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I wonder what they would say about a big screen, digital slide show with full motion video capabilities, put to music at your special event? For weddings, imagine your friends and family having cocktails or dining with a digital slide show or video presentation showing the story of you and your special someone. For a birthday you could show pictures of the birthday boy or the birthday girl throughout their life. Graduation events could feature pictures of the graduates and exciting moments throughout their high school years. Even corporate events could enjoy a slide show… pie charts to music anyone? We provide a large screen, projector, computer (if needed), and music.



Dance instruction


From one-of-a-kind choreographed first dances for couples prepared and taught in advance of the event, to interactive group lessons taught during events, our dance instructors do it all. Professionally trained instructors teach ballroom dancing, country styles, line-dances and more. Competing in various dance competitions annually, our instructors are great dancers themselves and can surely help you get the steps down. Ballroom styles that we teach are salsa, swing, cha-cha, merengue, rumba, tango, samba, mambo, foxtrot, and the waltz. Some of the country styles we teach are the electric slide, the boot scoot, slap leather, tush push, the two step and more!



Early set up


As part of our standard offering we setup and complete our sound check 30 minutes prior to our contracted start time at no additional cost to our customers. However, on some occasions our customers require that the band complete its setup earlier than 30 minutes before playtime. That of course requires additional time for the band and therefore will incur an additional fee for that time. The fee will vary based on where the event is and how early the setup is to take place. If an early setup is of interest to you please let us know when we are creating your price quote.



Break disc jockey


Playing live music is hard work and therefore bands take breaks. In each hour of playtime our band will break for 15 minutes. During that time we play pre recorded background music so that the music never stops. However, if you want to keep the party upbeat and dancing during the break time then you should consider ordering our break DJ. The break DJ will keep the music going and the attention on the dance floor without adding much to the overall cost. The break DJ uses a computer based audio system that runs through the same speakers that the band uses, brings more than 10,000 songs, takes requests and makes announcements durring the breaks.



Overtime and tips


If the party is going really well at the end of the night and you wish to extend your party the Pressure Point Band is always available for an extra set. Many of our parties are extended and we bill that extra set at $75.00 per musician. A set consists of 45 minutes of playing time. This is usually arranged in the latter stages of an event. In regards to tipping the band, the amount is entirely up to the discretion of the purchaser. Tipping is not expected but obviously appreciated as an expression of appreciation for a job well done..



Site inspections


If you would like to have one of our representative do a walk through of your event site prior to the event date please order a site inspection. Site inspections are never required by the Pressure Point Band, however they are occasionally conducted per customer request. The fee for this service is $25 plus travel.



Special song requests


Need a special song played? The Pressure Point Band covers a wide variety of songs however, not every song. On occasion our clients request songs that we do not currently play. Our policy is to offer one song to be learned per event, free of charge. We charge $25.00 per each additional special request thereafter. Please let us know at least 4 weeks in advance of any special song requests not listed on our current playlist.

See our current playlist and hear samples in our music section.



Preview the band live


We highly recommend seeing the Pressure Point Band perform in a live setting before hiring, if possible. Many times we can facilitate a preview at a private event, with the client’s consent of course. We have roughly 1-2 events every week in and around the Northwest. Another effective opportunity is to attend a rehearsal where the band can play a set that is more suited to your personal tastes. The rehearsal is also a great opportunity to meet the band members. We typically rehearse 2-3 times a month in Portland.



Tailor made suits and tuxedos


Through the Pressure Point Band’s relationship with Tailorit, Pressure Point Band customers can take advantage of the “Events Special” offered by this made to order suit company. With Tailorit, the bride and groom decide the fabric, color and style of the suits or tuxedos, Tailorit takes the measurements, then orders directly from tailors overseas and has the formal wear delivered to your door in less than 2 weeks time. The formal wear is of the highest quality and made exactly to the size of each wedding party member. The suits cost $270 per suit for orders of 4 or less, $260 per suit for orders of 5 to 8, and $250 a suit for orders of 9 or more. The best part is that the money you save from not renting makes the suits very inexpensive. All orders include a tailor made shirt or vest. Ties and other garments can also be ordered separately.


Major benefits of buying formal wear from Tailorit:
  • Professional tailors make the suits using the highest quality fabrics.
  • Made to the style and fabric of your choosing (hundreds of combinations).
  • Suits are made exactly to the measurements we take for you.
  • Having measurements taken is free and easy to arrange.
  • Each order includes a tailor-made shirt or vest.
  • The cost per new suit or tux is comparable to the cost of renting.
  • Inner pocket can bear the name of owner and/or a special message.
  • No need to pick up or drop off a rental and no deposits.
  • The suit fit is guaranteed when Tailorit takes the measurements.
  • Suit quality and workmanship is guaranteed.
  • Timely delivery to your door is guaranteed.
  • It is very convenient to own your own formal wear.
  • You can use the formal wear for many years to come.

All can be easily arranged through your contact at the Pressure Point Band.


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